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Today i found tears. many of times tears met cheeks met flesh skin met earth…ohhh those tears that have been patiently waiting to come hiding somewhere deep in below the surface underneath it all. Today they came…but just for a moment like a hott second trickle trying to hold on hold in hold back. Today i ran like i used to run way back when to found strength again like a big “i’m a witch, i’m a bitch, I don’t care what you say.” A big don’t fuck with me kind thing. I remembered laughter that fills the room so darn contagious it fills up the whole sky and if you dare i promise it will fill you all the way up all the way full. been kissed and caressed by the sun shining down upon illuminating the path ahead one step one step one step more met anger mixed with confusion covering a portal door vortex of love moving going flowing towards more love. i sang to god a love song dear lov-er of love falling in love loving love and loving the birth of even more love. and then i sang my sweet lover to sleep i lay you down to rest goodbye dear one i will never ever see you ever again. A howl scream call cry out Truth Spoke “choose love”. Wisdom Spoke “gamble everything for love.” At the end of the day i found love. Today have you loved?

Writing prompt "Today I" from Laura Didyk

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