“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” -Pablo Picasso


* This current work of creative expression is a show titled "Finding Our Way". You can view artist statement here (coming soon)



pregnant void into which all things arise
The Great Mystery you open up to
and all that lies through and beyond.
Seawater sea of blood
We bleed
We never die.
Tis a labor of love
          My God…Oh My God
Birthing unseen to be seen
the one no longer and not yet
ever said it would be easy
Please look me in the eye
  and tell me
tell me everything will be ok
  soon it will be ok.
   My dear
who is the one you are becoming
                               for everything is waiting for you.

Mixed media on canvas, 36x12 inches, April 2020

Temple of Tears 1.jpg


Tether to the heavens
holy sanctuary fallen to thy knees
bow down before
palms open wide
offer this all give up hand over
sacred songs shed sob weep whimper wail howl cry
cry out-cry-cry-crying
——for all the hidden tears beneath the surface
——for all the years we never cried
——for all the secret unseen selves to be set free
——for all the lives never mourned
——for those who never wept
Dear one I promise you,
I promise,
   This too shall pass.

Mixed media on canvas, August 2019

Wounds of The World.jpg


These threads stitch wed weave
all the wounds of the world
wisdom of the wise woman way
where we
unite the gaps
yoke separation
mend brokenness
and soothe the pain
bear to bring
bring together
we have been brought together
woven within wholeness
weaving a wound
         Mother Me Whole

Mixed media on canvas, 17x17 inches January 2020

life birthing more life 1.jpg


Take root- a deep dive deep down in
underneath ground down below the surface
woven into the skin of the forrest floor.

Living through a great something
that which is beyond the
unknown nobody knows unknowing who knows
  the Wise Wisdom Ways of the land
summon cry out call beckon
     Are you listening
shhh listen close then listen even closer
           life birthing life births more
seeds spring up take flight
burst bloom out and away
rising up against all odds
   Do not give up
Don’t you dare give up now
My love what is your wildest dream
             for this is just the beginning…

Mixed media on canvas, 20x16 inches, March 2020-21

The Weaver.jpg


My beloved
Sometimes the space you are used to
is not where you belong.

Do you dare move beyond what you see and know
Stitched patchwork of many lives
Begin to unravel and unwind
known as falling apart fallen to thy knees
twisting back in through over again and again.
These invisible threads
Loop then to now
Tie this to that
Thread old to new
Join me to you
Link eye to eye
Bind heart to heart
The Weaver weaving a web
That which is being woven
       As One.

Mixed media on canvas, March 2020

Let Go.jpg


Dear lover lay you down to rest
a slow death dining
holding no longer
   hold no more.
A parting farewell
Tis’ the time so long
the time has come
leave you here
let you go
  let you be.
Please Please remember
  Sometimes we must die
to be born
   whole all over again.

Mixed media on canvas, 20x16 inches, Winter 2020/2021

State of Return.jpg


These great divides-
    it was like this before
    right now its like this.
Move from here to there
what must be done
all you can not do
  We did not come this far to only get this far
A thinning of the self
through the self
  The Self
State of return
       the great way
of the way
to the way
becomes the way
My dear please remember
every single tiny little step is
       The Way.

Mixed media on canvas, 36x12 inches, Feb 2020

Finding Our Way.jpg


My dear lets get real
please take my hand
We walk
moving at the speed of Trust
you and I
me and you
us together
walking into towards through and beyond
the invisible path
remembering every single tiny little step is the way
to finding our way

Mixed media on canvas, 14x11 inches, October 2020

Woven Together.jpg


God speaks,
dear Lov-er of Love
         Do Not Look Away
my friend please do not look away.
for our many lives have been
   woven together
come in close close criss cross collide
loop twist tie tangle threading
        towards-to-through and beyond.
Been falling…Do you dare fall
   Fallen to Love
Love in Love Loving Love
then stray away long gone lost
to come back in
all over again.
Touch some secret language have no words
   God speaks…

Mixed media on canvas, February 2020/2021