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* This current series of creativity is a show titled "Born Again".  View artist statement by clicking -BORN AGAIN

Womb Of The World

Great Mother Creator is trying to tell you something 

      are you listening… 

to the pulse of life 

pulsing- melting- into the Womb Of The World  

dissolving into all things larger 

Dear one,  

- meet me there 

- gather whole 

- rest in 

- become One 

for this Divine Union was made in Heaven.  


April 2024 

God of Love   


God of Love  

The Great Weaver 

    speaking in tongues 

weaves hearts 

   Soul woven together 

close…circle in…even closer 

unite as one 

to tease tear pull a part 

     “Death in service of life.” 

over and over and over again 

   For LOVE is the  

       Appreciation of Difference 


  - Jan 2024 

The Great Surrender   



been falling 

fallen to thy knees 

drop weapons my love 

blood be shed 

bowing Warrior (Wo)man 

    Bow On Down 

dear Lord please show the way 

offer over freely give all to thee 

an evening of sacrifice 

    light of deliverance 

Salvation by the Grace of God 

Into a sweet surrender  

Surrender-(ing) to “Thy Will” 


Nov 2021-March 2024



quiet rumble roar turns  

bare naked bloom 


from something into everything 

     WE are called 

Do you hear thy name 


from far off shores 

turning towards Truth 

shape shifters shifting 

way-finders finding 

the forever ever  


into the whole of more and what it is to  



- March 2023



Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven 

   Run towards God 

Angels bestow the way 

no beginning there is no end 

for the journey is not always straightforward 

Mighty I AM- Great YOU are 

my beloved, 

trust forces of unseen powers at play 

as you become woven into  

    an everlasting never ending  

            Living Union 

of eternal LOVE. 

July 2024

Sacred Jewels 


The Sacred Union of US 

brought to gather weaving webs of wisdom 

woven as One 

Remembering who (WE) are 

   Together walking the way 

            to BE the way. 


Birth- Life- Death 


Masculine- Feminine- Union 

Outer- Inner- Secret 

Heaven- Earth- Human 

Love- Serve- Surrender 

Buddha- Dharma- Sangha 

Father- Son- Holy Spirit 

Mind- Body- Soul 

Maiden- Mother- Crone 

Create- Sustain- Destroy 

Earth Speak      


Roots reach 

spread wide 

   burst magnetic sparks of life 

rising up to be risen 


earth join body meet heart touch heavens 

   To Become 

the emergence of 


soon to 


a Becoming of  



- April 2023

Know- (ing)     


   deep in down under beneath  

opening to wide vast dimensions and beyond 

     You Know. 


    as Truth emerges  


    as Wisdom 

bubbles to the surface. 

my beloved 

for these things take time 

there is  

         beauty in process 

         beauty in unfolding. 


- July 2023


a void   

which all things arise   

     The Great Mystery   

of life larger than Life  

Tis’ a labor of Love  

Birthing unseen to be seen  

Emerging clear eyes see  

    something soon to be known  



      of YOU  

My dear, 

who is the one you are becoming  

       for everything is waiting.  


- June 2022/2023



city of jewels  

Hold all things beauty 

burn-blaze heart-o-fire 

burst into an  

eruption of tears 

    liberating a flood of  


    set free 

a salvation that frees  


    a freeing of Freedom be 



- October 2023



Turn nothing away 

for here all is  


Ode’ to these Holy lands 

   Spirits on earth 

   Guardians of trees 

   Angels among heavens 

   Keeper to the Sacred 

   Activators of Light 

   Protectors in the night 

guiding the way 


“The Way Knows The Way” 


- May 2023

Holy Wars   
Mind spinning stories speaking lies  
telling body talking words twisting truths  
great crusades and heavenly holy wars  
meeting of the lost secret selves behind Self  
sacred encounters with dragon demons for whom to wrestle  
battles of Spirit of Soul  
bring me fall down falling fallen to thy knees   
revelations of the heart  
cry crying out cry cry  
           let me let you go  
2016- March 202



Once upon a story  

in faraway lands 

all knotted wound twisted tied tangled up tight 

a tender tease began 

     teasing a part 

the tangles and layers of many selves 

     shed stories 

     shed skins 

A shedding of Self 

    the great unravel 

 became a great awakening  

Patience my friend- Patience 

        for Aliveness lives in the Unknown 


- Nov 2022- 2024

Waves Of Change     


     at the waters edge 

tides shift crash into 

          Waves Of Change 

    roll in rising up  

flow through swept away 

what was is no more 

on shores  


floods of  


A coming to  



- January 2023

Walk by Faith 


Desires of Heart 

open to the Will of Heaven 

      take your light inside 

Hand of God illuminates 

      A perfect timing 

      A perfect plan 

for all things all life. 

May you release into Great Divine Guidance 

My love,  

    Trust the Call- walk by Faith 

        Follow the lead.  


March 2024



Bow and Bless  

this Sacred 

precious life that  

         shatters us Whole. 

   The Mighty all Holy Grail 

guides a crossing over  


beyond boundaries of unknown  


       into new ways of being 

Wake up my Love…Wake Up 

one step— One—one step more 

living open into the aliveness of  



August 2023- March 2024

Divine Truths    


A door of Everything 

     prayer illuminates the way 

come come walk side by side 

into the Kingdom of Heaven 

where all awaits. 


The precious jewel  

beckons thy name 

lure me in  

across life’s secret stepping stones  


into the endless- never ending-  

everlasting infinite ocean of LOVE 

   Listen dear one…Follow the Call.  


Feb 2024



hazy dayz 

break-through cloud 

    breaking free 

Holy Heavens 

broken wide open 


old lives Dream  

new beginnings. 

precious one,  

     May you allow change to change you  


steps you take- walks you walk 

one by one by one 

     Stepping along a way  


     The Way HOME 


- April 2023



Stairway to Heaven 

     Heart of Devotion 

beat beat beating 

currents of breath 

flowing through rivers of Life 

touch spaces in between 

places of 

    what was is  

     no longer 


   not yet 

still to Become 

the emergence of Something 

    soon to be known 


- January 2024

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