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** This current work of creative expression is a show titled "Coming Home". You can view artist statement here-   Coming Home

Messages from the Masters.JPG


Through the core to the center of the earth
reaching out to the far far farthest star
Stairways step by step go up climb in
been to the mountaintop
Otherly worlds highest of most high
    Narrow passageway into the king of kingdoms
Entering gates of heaven and realm of the Gods.
    Circles widen even wider and wider more
Come gather
Come take a seat dear one
Kneel bow down to thy alter
Offerings of the heart
Anointed with holy waters of life
Palms open wide
    Thy will be done

Mixed media on canvas 20 x 12 inches, 2019

Walking Eachother Home.JPG


Souls find one another
Like a secret language tribe calling out
come this way…come this way

We evolve within the context of relationship
Seekers on the same path walking in different ways
Where we see one another into being
I become I am because of you
This journey to the high places takes time
step by step by step by step
Together we remember
Eye to eye
Hand holding hand
Heart beating Heart
In the end
We are all just walking each other home…HOME

Mixed media on canvas 20 ½ x 16 inches, 2019

Speaking With Trees.JPG


Wild wonders of the forest
The one breathing all of us.
Of this land,
we are born here.

Earthly belonging underground hidden lives
Webs reach wide connecting
this thing- everything- all things

Sacred songs of the trees

speaking in tongues a secret language
Wise wisdom of the earth whispers
she keeps calling us home

Come home
Lean in and listen
Do you dare listen

Mixed Media on canvas, 13 x 11 inches, 2018

Parting of the Red Sea.JPG


Do you believe
Do you believe in miracles?

These impossible night sea journeys
Continue my love in the face of death
Step forward…Step to…Step toward
Go stand bow down before these great waters
Tidal waves mouth open up wide
and even wider
Parting of the seas bestow passageways
Go in cross over pass through
A deliverance
That which gives rise
salvation into the promise lands
where you will never ever be the same.
         Never the same

Mixed media on canvas, 15 x 15 inches, 2019

Lessons of LOVE.JPG


Lure me in
love drunk desire
inject poison pump through veins
A pure intoxication

If Love could speak she would say:
Drink this nectar
Open wide and swallow me whole
Then spit me back up
Pull me close close close
hold me oh so so tight
Push me far far far up out and away
Heart rip wide broke open it hurts so good
Is the high really worth the pain?
If Love could speak she would say:
Thank you -Thank you -Thank you
I am sorry so-so-so sorry
Please Please forgive me Please
Because I love you…yes I love you…YOU

Mixed Media on cork bulletin board, 24 x 18 inches, 2019

Returning Home.JPG


There will be a day when it is time to stop
Stop spinning round round round and around
Stop running running running far far far away
from every little thing you deny.

There will be a day when it is time to come back Home.
You say want your heart to open
Come sit still
     Come take a seat rest here
Thy Kingdom of Love
here you are safe and this belongs
     Come take a seat rest here
and allow this to be the moment that changes the course of your entire destiny

Gentle my friend
Returning home takes time
       This takes time

Mixed media on canvas, 20 x 16 inches, 2019



Threads tease tear rip me apart
This will destroy you

You will be born again.

Do you have patience my dear…

Patience to unravel untie untangle

every single tiny little knot

inside within downward 

beneath under the layers of your skin to the core

of the center of your being

Do you have the patience

     To become what you have seen…

Mixed media on wood, 17 ½ x 10 ½ inches, 2018

Moon Dance.JPG


Lightening flashes
through the valley of the shadows
into the dark beyond darkness of the darkest night

Dare traverse
known opening into new
all which has yet to be awakened
and all that lies beyond

Moon shine Moon bright
      Dance me alive
into the fullness of life

Light of the world
A great voyage across the vast night skies
The more and more you touch the source
     The more and more you know the way.

Mixed Media on slab of house siding, 17 x 7 ½ inches, 2019

Reflections of Truth.JPG


Frozen cold solid within
Voices from deep waters of the earth
Mouth of the oceans open wide
Fractures of ice loosen at the edges
Fragmented ruptures of the underworlds

Just beneath the surface below the line
Thaw crack crack cracking
Break apart…undo
Become undone

Whole being dissolves liquid
float up rise through
wash down swept away
Emerging waves of existence spin spiral stillness
A mirror image reflecting
     Truth…Seers of Truth
Truth itself shall set you free

Mixed media on canvas, 12 x 12 inches, 2019

Seasons of Change.JPG


Leaves fall
Falling down

Falling---Fallen---Fall away

Layers beneath layers of more layers
Dead things dieing
Letting go
Let go
My precious its time
It is time to let the old ways die
allow release to change you.

Mixed Media on canvas, 30 x 24 inches, 2018

The Sacred Knot.JPG


These sacred knots

wound ache pains

loop twist tie tangle

Layer upon layer upon layer

underneath below the flesh of the skin
This runs real deep

        deep down in there.


revealing many of the lives trapped inside
Do you dare pause stop stand still
    Do you dare listen-
A voice crave cry call screams thy name aloud

A voice that yearns to speak


Mixed media on canvas, 36 x 24 inches, 2018

Dance Me.JPG


Dance me to death
Dance me to life
Dance me to the end
A dance to begin again

All over again.

Mixed media on canvas, 23 x 14 inches, 2018

Everything Connects.JPG


from something going nowhere
through spaces in between the
     space of becoming
in which emerges
from the shadows into being
soon to be seen
all you have become
unraveling within
who you were born to be.

join split open fall away rise up into that which moves all things
come together make whole connect inside out this to that me to you
through a place once more we begin again and again.
Rhythms of life weave meaning
into a woven fabric threading
every end to a new beginning
from the core of the center where
Every Thing eventually

Mixed media on canvas, 12x12 inches, Summer 2019

Heart-Body-Mind Wars.JPG


Mind spinning stories speaking lies
telling body talking words twisting truths.

These great crusades and heavenly holy wars
Meeting of lost hidden secret selves behind the self
Sacred encounters with all the dragon demons whom to wrestle
Battles of the spirits of the soul
wear me out and bring me fall down fallen to thy knees
Revelations of the heart cry crying out cry cry
    Let me let you go

Mixed media paint on window frame, 33 x 21 inches, 2019

An Awakened Heart.JPG


Great Empire beckons
Journey to the temple of the Heart
Did you know
Not telling your story will make you sick

Where does it hurt my dear?
Please tell me I am listening.

Heart break Heart broke Heart cracks deep wide open

A heart that is ready for anything
This pain…This wound…This scar
This is your sacred medicine

Mixed media paint on plywood, 2018



Sweet son of God
speaking in tongues the language of Sun
     Here I am
I stand before you
     I am here
Spirit of the sun
wrap my body back whole
lips to the skin
a summer daze
summer sun golden rays
been kissed by the sun…Sunkissed

Mixed media paint on wood canvas 2019

Bring Me Back To Life.JPG


Born into wholeness
Yet fallen adrift gone astray long lost my way

The great traverse
Trust all that which emerges
Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth
Can you really bear to hear see hold taste TRUTH?

Sting of death
many little times we die
a rite of passage
Sacred lands of
No longer and Not yet

to be born again
There is glory here
My dear do not rush
    Do Not Rush…

Mixed Media on Canvas, 2019

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