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To See Seeing Been Seen

Explosions in a nights sky

shooting stars shimmer yes-yes finally i can See

wonder ways of the wild

son of God sun shines a sweet serenade shining light

bird songs cry out coyote call howls

speaking in tongues

language of the waterways

lure me in

reel all the way

open up wide

and even wider

mouth of the rivers

deeper in wider she becomes

Tides pull close oh so so close and closer

in to the oceans

dive in dive deep everything gone still

rain trickle drip drizzle pour over soften

through these

Thresholds of Change

way over yonder there

climb up look out way above even farther and beyond

saw the seeing To See and been seen

Thank God-Thank God- Thank you

Thank God You see Me the way You do.

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