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The way of Things

It used to be like that. well Right now its like this I believe the ways of the world to be the way it shall be the way that it is. Meeting of the doors closing

one by one by one slowly crumble across the sky like rain showers

flow-flood- pour onto in over through I stood heart-broken. Stand heart-open. fallen to thy knees

palms wide to the heavens why-why-why

show me-show me-show me The Way Oh right every single tiny little step is the way of the way to The Way. Thunder lightning flashes I remember to

stop pushing water grabbing lake swim up stream

to fly with the ways of the windy wind. all things come-in-close together birthing life to separate disperse fall fade away come way back in all over again. wandering ways walk with the path-way of the land

eventhough i want-want-want some-thing some-one this may not be what I need Gosh what am I wanting what do I want and what do I need. tis the tale of time.

It takes great patience to listen to the wild ways allow life to take you take me take us versus corral the way through to the other side like

“I know where I am going move get out of the way get out of MY way." want-want-want what I want when I want it. Oh hello my dear little one how old are you? Big breath in and a Bigger breath out. grip on the reins release hands hold in holding on holding oh so tight

Its time to let go Its time to let go and allow release to change you. Have your way taken fall into through doors wide open stop banging bang-bang-bang head against the wall fighting at war with the ones who were closed shut down turned off. bitter taste in my mouth to the way things are not the way I want them to be. Sun speak silky soft finally i make sweet love to the way things seem

believing This is just the way things are supposed to be.

Writing prompt “This I believe” from Laura Didyk

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