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Mind Fuck

Mind spinning stories speaking lies telling body talking words twisting truths. These great crusades and heavenly holy wars. Meeting of lost hidden secret selves behind the self. Sacred encounters with all the dragon demons whom to wrestle. Battles of the spirits of the soul wear me out and bring me fall down fallen to thy knees. Revelations of the heart cry crying out cry cry. Let me let you go. It is a difficult and tricky thing to untangle untie every single tiny little knot inward down within beneath under the layers of skin to the core of the center of your being. To unravel every single tiny little thing from inside out. Threads tease tear rip me apart. Sting of death many times we die Dieing into life this will destroy you. and you will be born anew. It takes great patience to navigate these wavy wild waters of wonder. A great delicacy to uncover discover the thing that made you a Thing to only get rid of the thing known as falling apart to weave it back in loop through over again and do it again. Weaver of the web that which is being woven seek truth, speak truth, finding truth, becoming, I am Truth. Do not forget the Truth will set you free. My precious one, these things, yes these things take time.

a labor of love all the way in to become the one you were dreamed to be.

Everything is waiting for you.

Do you dare become the one you were born to be.

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