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I Am Rain

Blast from the past little children jump and splash in puddles unable to move frozen solid shut I stand stood still in the rain allowing every drip drop drip to touch flesh rolling over eyes wash down cheeks caress skin of the lips a trickle down my face like tears washing away the ache- the pain- the wound- the sorrow- the there are no words for all of this let it wash, it all washes away as i too am taken with the rain.

Swimming in the rain i yearned to become Rain. Sing song I sang to the highest of heavens yes yes yes and help me help me help me. rain water flowing dropping splashing dripping. Take me. all of me. give yourself away have your way i gave myself to you. I was taken. Eventually I became Rain. Leaning in listening to the rain listen to the spaces between the rain. Rain spoke- speak louder i can not hear leaning in closer and even closer again i hear nothing. Here I am I am here. rain melt morph dissolved into more rain and then I hear heard everything. I became Rain. Did you know it was raining?

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