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Feel Better

“What we do to feel better” (Laura Didyk Prompt) ohhh that old dear friend she recently told me today its time to just FEEL better… Its time to BE better and just like that everything changed with my relationship to her. Everything changed with my relationship to “what we do to feel better.” She then proceeded to tell me other wise woman way secrets of the wise woman ways of being as we walked through trees who were silently witnessing our secrets and the sweet songs we sing sung between me and her and us and them where we became closer in a brand new way like every single part of me instantly grew up and crossed the invisible line into the great threshold of Woman. In a moment split second snap of a finger i remembered what was once forgotten lost sometime long ago now finding my way back home. states of return. We parted way that sun sunny day and all i could do is stand still stare and say thank you thank you thank you- I am so so so sorry- I love you- yes you- i love you. She laughed- She cried- She smiled and continued to walk in the opposite direction away like a lover leaves heart broken. I continued to stand there knowing remembering what we do to feel better and places of suffering is where my freedom lies. I continued to stand there knowing this would be the last time I would see her ever ever again. I continued to stand Heart-Open.

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