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The great great unknown has always been always was

yet never seen never known to be.

Its a beautiful thing to wake-up

be Truth stand-up know Truth blinded by the light what was always there all along never to be seen. What are all the things I do not see? Wisdom battles of the barricades within the status quo the way it was no longer not ever to be again don’t hold your breath what shall never stay the same. It used to be like that.

Right now its like this. Moments apart. Space in between. Slow it down down These pregnant voids into which all things arise a big mystery you open up to and all that lies beyond Dear God…My God…Ohhh my God Seawater ocean tide puddle of blood We bleed We birth-born-become- We never die 'Tis a labor of love Birthing unseen to be seen the one no longer and not yet Nobody ever said it would be easy Please just look me in the eye and tell me Please tell me everything is going to be ok Its going to be ok My dear Who is the one you are becoming for everything is waiting for you.

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