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Day One- Things

Have you ever considered the thing you want so bad may not be The Thing. The Things i have been into these days (prompt from Laura Didyk) taste like smell like sound like look like feel like making love to every little single thing I do. Making a mess with every single color of paint sloshing around things on floor on canvas on body between breath through mind in heart remember spirit awaken soul. Watching life shift and change before my eyes- layer under layer under layer under more..more colors more paint more things more and more and even more. Until the thing eventually reveals the thing revealing something of everything even the tiny little things between the thing. Things i have been into these days go slow speak slow feel slow even slower. Seem to call me towards you and into you as we find our way through going to the thing wondering what actually is the thing. the thing we are going to. Dreaming things to life my dear do not forget forget dreams do come true. Things come alive every time i am dreaming of you. Things i have been into these days are into me yet sometimes I dare not look and run run run the other way pretending not to see or hear you call out yell scream my name because the thing is calling out yelling screaming my name even louder.

And then i wonder...

What happens when I drop The Thing?

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