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Hold No Thing

A delicate dialog dedication of devotional


worlds of wisdom words speak spoken truths

Love affairs in the mid-night-mid-summer nights

dear Love dear love-er of Love

this is what you heard hearing all you need to hear oh my god

My God I can hear

What is it you really need to hear

Listening to messages soul speaks saying screams howl cry out loud.

The way it was- The way I want it to be- this is The way it is

MIND tease BODY twist HEART thread ME towards YOU tie US

into in-between spaces woven within pass over through and beyond

thinning of Self meetings of the Self

Where we meet without war not now not then not this not knowing

all the memories of past press forward images into of the future illuminate

spinning lies speaking stories telling truths of the moment in

This moment

been held to holding onto hold nothing

my darling open your eyes- get up- stand- wake up

its time to Hold No Thing.

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