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Growing Up

"A grown up is" some one who knows nothing knows some thing possibly knows every thing and then goes back to knowing nothing never known I never knew knowing we never did know anything. Why then is it so hard “not to know” we live in uncertainty always have lived this way never knowing not knowing anything. So whats the difference between then and now before and after these things join me to you, link eye to eye, bind heart to heart It used to be like that well right now its like this still we do not know and we never will know. Are we supposed to know and why would I ever want to know

block surprise-wonder-awe-magic squash the very thing one craves placed in a box eventually growing smaller and smaller and grown more small

until I suffocate-yell-scream-cry out-cry heart crys out for Freedom help me-help-me-help me.

maybe that is all part of the journey of a grown up growing up this is the way of life, life is, always was, and life will continue to be

I don’t know. I do not know. I am not supposed To know. Do you know? Prompt from Laura Didyk “a grown up is”

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